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Read your Customer Better

Imagine a conversation with your customer where you can not only listen to the tone of their voice, but also read facial expressions and anticipate their needs. vEngage enables rich interaction with your end-customers, and brings the WOW back in customer service.

Strengthen Loyalty with High-value Customers

Every business has high-value customers, service quality to whom is critical. Video engagement can be a premium service that builds loyalty amongst key customers who deserve closer, more personal attention.

Extend Customer Reach

If yours is a business across international borders, vEngage helps make your customer service borderless. Engage freely around the globe, bringing your business closer to the customers who matter most.

Improve cross-sell opportunities

Research shows that face-to-face interaction allows for spontaneity, empathy, trust, and anticipation of needs: all of which positively influence cross-selling.

Personalize Your Customer Service Experience

vEngage allows your customers to dynamically watermark the agent that they choose to interact with, making their experience more personal and engaging.

Resolve Queries Rapidly

Achieve lower call times with vEngage's in-browser face-to-face video call feature. Help your agents resolve queries faster than over traditional customer service media.

Schedule an online demo of vEngage with us now. You’ll be surprised at how simple it can be.